All our products are 100% natural, and we strive to use the best ingredients possible. We have taken the best traditional recipes and played and tinkered to give you the best possible flavours – we hope you enjoy!


Eat the Smoke’s BBQ hot rub can be used on Pork, Chicken or Fish and will impart savoury, flavoury tastiness to any cut, whether cooking on the BBQ or in the oven.

Our Helluva Hot Rub is hot. Really Hot! Smokey flavours & a Naga chilli punch guarantees a long burn. Not for the faint hearted. Add it to pork, beef or chicken dishes for a hot BBQ inspired treat.

Our Buffalo Hot Wing Rub is here to bring out the best Southern flavours in your chicken. Marinade wings, thighs or the whole bird before cooking on the BBQ, grill or oven to impart Savoury, Flavoury tastiness.

Our Blackened Fish Rub has been inspired by traditional Cajun flavours. Adding it to any fish dish creates a real taste of the South for your plate.

Our Creole Rub can be used directly onto meat, fish or shellfish to impart a taste of the Deep South. Grill with it, BBQ with it or add to dishes like Jambalaya for a taste of the Mardi Gras.

Eat the Smoke’s Winter Rub can be used on Chicken, Turkey, Goose, Game or Hams to impart seasonal savoury, flavour tastiness, whether cooking in the BBQ or the oven.


Our original BBQ sauce has been created to slather on meat as a baste, or to use straight from the bottle as a sauce. It has a sticky, smokey, sweet, spicy taste that will turn any meal into a savoury flavoury BBQ extravaganza.

Our Helluva Hot BBQ Sauce is designed to challenge even the most ardent chilli lover. It contains a mix of our sticky, sweet, smokey BBQ sauce with the most potent chillies we could source from within Devonshire’s boarders. Prepare for an epic, spicy BBQ taste experience!