For us, being outside, playing outside and eating outside have always been both an important and fundamental part of our life. Whether it’s a BBQ on the beach after surfing, travelling and ending each day with new friends stood around the grill or firing up the ‘cue at home in the garden with our girls, it’s always been there, and helped us to de-compress and reground from ‘real’ life.

In 2014 we decided it was time to give up ‘real’ life and to have a go at making our passion our living. We started doing street food events and soon found our regular customers were turning up, not just to eat our food, but also to steal our rubs and sauces to make our food at home – hence our range of smokehouse inspired products was born!

We use the finest ingredients, keeping it natural with no nasties added, to produce products with amazing depths and flavours. Some of us in the UK are now discovering the joys of cooking over coals in all weather, be it sunshine, drizzle, or force 8 gales – but we know that’s not for everyone. That’s why all our products are designed to be used in the oven, under the grill or over coals. It’s all about bringing a little of the outside in!

We want to bring you the best flavours, made from the best ingredients, all natural with nothing added. If asked, that’s our ‘Mission’. Really though, our Mission is to be a little part of a great night where fantastic food is eaten, drinks are flowing (and possibly there’s a little Skynard playing!) In the end, it’s all about a bit of fun and escape!

Christian & Nicki